The Madurai Diraviyam Thayumanavar Hindu College ,Tirunelveli, is an ancient and famous college, which was started in a modest way, in the middle of the nineteenth century- in the year 1859. It is ancient because of its age and famous because of it being the Alma Mater of many a man who has achieved great fame in their lives.
The college celebrated its centenary in a befitting manner in the year 1979 and is celebrating 125 years of fruitful service to the cause of Higher Education in 2005. In how many states are credits allowed today? Is it possible to take cash advance money in Florida?

When choosing a course, think about the type of qualification you want, which style of studying suits you best, and what the teaching standards are like. The Madurai Diraviyam Thayumanavar Hindu College affiliated to the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University conducts a number of under graduate, post graduate  self-financing Educational Programmes and B. Com courses.
It all began in  1859, when an Anglo-Vernacular school came into being at Tirunelveli. In 1861 the school was relocated to Veeraragavapuram now called as Tirunelveli Junction, later it moved to its own premises in 1865. Eleven years had elapsed before the school metamorphosed into HINDU COLLEGE in 1878. The college started its unimpeded growth thereafter achieving many a milestones.

The college has developed its organizing system over its 125- year existence in compliance with guidelines of the State Government and the University. The unparalleled development of the college, in terms of student strength and new courses, has brought new responsibilities. The Managing Board consists of renowned individuals occupying foremost positions in industry and society. .
Every college has to find out where it stands in a larger (maybe a national) context. This can be accomplished only by going through the process of assessment and accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The management took the momentous decision and set the ball rolling.